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02:03am 21/04/2005
mood: mellow




Guilty Pleasures: Watching Jerry Springer .. For some reason I just find it really interesting. Sleeping almost all day.

3-6 Pictures: I don't have any on my computer.

Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas / The Cure Live In Berlin ( really isnt much of a movie :/ ) Girl , Interrupted

Bands: Nine Inch Nails / The Cure / Depeche Mode / Mushroomhead / :Wumpscut: / Skinny Puppy / Bauhaus / AFI / Son OF Sam / David Bowie / NewOrder / Misfits / Danzig / Samhain / Ministry / Siouxsie And The Banshees / Soft Cell / Distillers / Tears For Fears / Leather Strap /

Songs and why: Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile ( I just love the rythym and the meaning of the song ) Rolling Stones - Paint It Black ( Just plain out awesome song ) AFI - Keeping Outta Direct Sunlight ( Makes me just wanna pick up my guitar and play along ) Nine Inch Nails - Hurt ( meaning plus its fun to play on guitar ) Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes ( ...listen to it ull know why )
Lyrics and why: Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
" i hurt myself today
to see if i still feel
i focus on the pain
the only thing that's real
the needle tears a hole
the old familiar sting
try to kill it all away
but i remember everything

what have i become?
my sweetest friend
everyone i know
goes away in the end
you could have it all
my empire of dirt
i will let you down
i will make you hurt

i wear this crown of shit
upon my liar's chair
full of broken thoughts
i cannot repair
beneath the stains of time
the feelings disappear
you are someone else
i am still right here

what have i become?
my sweetest friend
everyone i know
goes away in the end
and you could have it all
my empire of dirt
i will let you down
i will make you hurt

if i could start again
a million miles away
i would keep myself
i would find a way "

PURE love for this song

Books: The Stranger by Albert Camus / Series Of Unfortunate Events / and some huge book about black holes and warped spacetime i read a while back i forgot the name of the author though .

Authors/Poets and why: Robert Smith : his poems / lyrics just mean so much

Gay marriages: Just let is be . Love is Love

Religion: Not into religion at all . If God exists he must me a real fucktard seeing how much bad stuff is going on in this world . ( no offense to anybody just my opinion )

George Bush: Lets just say something to do with him and meat grinders would bring joy to my heart ..... Him running into or tripping into a meat grinder would be greatness .. :D

Anarchy: Fine with me .

Labels: I do not like labels .
I especially dont like when people label themselves .
I hate when people label me .

What makes you think you're a freak?: Well..people often call me a freak, And well ... hmmm I think everything is funny . Got kicked outta school for that ...

What pisses you off more than anything?: People labeling themselves. When my mom calls me every sinle second, and even after i hang up on her she calls back again ... People touching my soda or my guitar *pets guitar*

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03:46pm 14/04/2005
mood: creative

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06:10pm 06/03/2005
mood: thoughful....


Name: Sherm (nickname)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Guilty Pleasures: making people that are REALLY happy, really sad...i can be a bitch sometimes...ask half the school's population...
3-6 Pictures: I don't have any, sorry, i'm not too good with computers....

Movies: house of 1000 corpses
Bands: My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Coheed and Canbria, The Killers

Songs and why: "I'm not ok (i promise)"/"work" - "work" is just so easy for me to relate to the sooner i get out of this house, the sooner i'll be happy. listen to it if u wanna, and same goes foe the other one
Lyrics and why: "i'm far from lonely and its all that i've got" - the USED.....its kinda true..
Books: "to kill a mockingbird", "flowers in the attic" + sequels.... gross/sad book, but its good
Authors/Poets and why: none

Gay marriages: i don't have a problem with it, they can do watever the hell the wanna do, its ok with me.
Religion: well, religion is good, but i'm not too religious, but i do believe theres got to be SOMETHING out there.....
George Bush: not against him, but not for him either, i mean hes got a hard job, i couldn't do it, so i can't complain
Anarchy: .... against wat???
Labels: their stupid, no one has the right to label anyone, but theres no denying that its already out there, so can't get rid of them either.

What makes you think you're a freak?: i'm a loner, i have really cool friends, but none of then really know me like they might think they do. Other than that, i'm my own person. I don't try to blend in, if i stand out, and someone doesn't like that, then to fucking hell with them..... i really don't care about anyone's opinion unless their really really important to me.
What pisses you off more than anything?: posers, preps, and really really happy people, and people who are really self-obsessed.
Any last words?: life sucks, but i deal....


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02:30pm 03/11/2004
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09:21pm 02/11/2004
mood: content

Name: Jennifer, Jen, all works.
Age: 15
Gender: female
Guilty Pleasures:
3-6 Pictures:




Movies: LotR
Bands: Dope, and LP
Songs and why: Jennys Cryin by Dope. Because I kinda relate to the lyrics, and its my name of course!
Lyrics and why: I wanted you to know, I love the way you laugh. By seether. I don't know why but I love the lyric and the way he says it.
Books: Sweet blood. By Pete Hautman, I like it because its a Vampire Novel with modern day settings.
Authors/Poets and why: ee cummings..

Gay marriages: I don't really have a problem with it.
Religion: I think religion is very imporant and its the setting for our guidelines and morals.
George Bush: I think Hes a good President, and he had to do what he had to do. I think he should stay another 4 years.
Anarchy: Anarchy? If you have "Government, of no government" the government isn't really there. You can't have complete Anarchy, it just doesn't happen like that.
Labels: Labels for food, and music = good. People = kinda pointless. People can't be labeld, If theres goth, punks and preps, what do you call people who hang out with punks, dress preppy and listen to goth and "harder" music?

What makes you think you're a freak?: I'm different, I do my own thing, I think my own way. (and if you don't think i'm a freak look at the last pic i posted.)
What pisses you off more than anything?: When people speak other languages.

Any last words?: vote for me? xD

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11:16pm 22/08/2004
mood: cold
no one ever writes in this thing lol BAD PEOPLE! but that includes me *hangs head in shame*
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05:45pm 09/08/2004

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Nothingness In mind! 
11:46am 02/08/2004
mood: depressed
Hey Girls and Guys!!
please Post something...........

and please Join cybercunts
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11:59am 01/08/2004
mood: depressed
Pain's Muse

Wrap me up
And ship me off
Kill me now
And dump me off
I dont care
What you use
I'm just tired
Being pain's muse
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01:43pm 28/07/2004

Join. :)
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09:23pm 16/07/2004
mood: awake

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05:39am 16/07/2004
mood: mischievous
Guilty Pleasures:taking plesure in other people's pain
3-6 Pictures:one thats in my info page...i'm ugly so no looking

Movies:anything horror
Bands:matchbox twenty is #1 with me but i like anything from alternative rock-black metal:Dimmu Borgir *gets on knees and praises them*Manson (sex-a),Cannibal Corpse,icp,machinehead,orgy etc....
Songs and why:Unwell cuz it describes me
Lyrics and why:"Somethings you cant erase no matter how hard you try"
Books:i dont like to read that much
Authors/Poets and why:i'm my favorite poet

Gay marriages:let them do what they want and get over it GEEZE!
Religion:its a cult
George Bush:he's doin stuff no on eelse could so i'm not gonna bash him
Labels:we're all labeled but i dont care

What makes you think you're a freak?:my intution
What pisses you off more than anything?:people
Any last words?:Marilyn Manson should be my husband
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Accepted List 
09:17pm 09/07/2004


Now go promote or I'll have your heads! ;)
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04:14am 07/07/2004
mood: crunk
Name: jake
Gender: male
Guilty Pleasures: borrowing from people i know i'll never see again
3-6 Pictures: i don't have any at the moment besides my avatar picture

Movies: sid and nancy, romper stomper
Bands: afi, akaline trio, 80's metallica, slayer, tool, alot of 80's shit from metal to punk to goth
Songs and why: 4 degrees- tool, listen to it and find out
Lyrics and why: when you hate it, you know you can feel it, but when you love, you know it's not real- i chose tose lyrics because they're true, and sadly i can relate to them
Books: my serial killer book, i love murderers
Authors/Poets and why: maynard james keenan

Gay marriages: same as a normal marriage, i don't even see why it's an issue
Religion: for those who chose it
George Bush: someone who's doing his job, i couldn't do it so i'm no one to talk
Anarchy: anarchy against what?
Labels: they're already part of this society, why deny them?

What makes you think you're a freak?: i'm different, i can be identified in a crowd
What pisses you off more than anything?: rap culture, ignorant in every way, and people who think they are better than everyone else
Any last words?: i wish the world was different but i'd never attempt to change it
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07:59pm 06/07/2004
mood: drained
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07:44pm 06/07/2004
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05:31pm 06/07/2004
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01:44am 06/07/2004
mood: bored

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In your head, in your head, they are dying... 
08:47pm 05/07/2004
mood: hopeful
This place is fucking dead. :(
Join and promote, people!
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I'm new ::waves:: 
10:47pm 20/02/2004
mood: artistic
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